When the concept for VISIONS was created, our focus was on the next few years and the potential of what was to come. But we wanted to do more than just talk to you about the future. We wanted you to see, with your own eyes, the productivity gains that can be made in the here and now. Decision makers are challenged with more than planning, they are challenged with doing. Where you will be in a few years must be answered in the present. The sessions we chose were designed to prepare you with this vision of a future—and that future starts today.


about the sponsor:

For over 30 years, TCSC has been providing organizations with business solutions. Organizations need high-level, strategically oriented information to make the important decisions that determine how to plan for the future.  It is important to look at the business side of technology, and focus on how you can position your organization to succeed in the next 3-5 years.  Our consultants will help you apply and integrate the latest technologies, while leveraging your existing infrastructure. In the midst of one of the largest IT transformations, learn a new way of doing business with a company that has the age to understand.